Hairsay with Michelle Nkatha Ntalami

I had the chance of bringing Michelle Ntalami on board on CYNTHIA UNTAMED to tell us about passion when starting any kind of venture.’ 

Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal. The winner is he who gives himself to his work, body and soul. Many times, people get into various business ventures and careers they are not passionate about. Perhaps due to peer and societal pressure or parental influence, we are forced to give up on our dreams and hence end up living unfulfilled lives. The potential to give up in these instances is very high. In life, you must take a stand on what you believe in. Successful stories are born out of adversity and difficulties but what keeps you up there is determination.

Marini Naturals was born out of a desire to live a healthier lifestyle after the passing of her Father due to cancer. She did not let anything deter her ambition. The natural hair care line started in Kenya and is now in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and France. She has won various accolades including the Business Daily Top 40 under 40 women in Kenya [2016]. Recently, Marini was featured in the CNN African Start-Up interview.

#Top40Under40 award ceremony
#Top40Under40 award ceremony


‘Marini Naturals 100% organic products include a sulphate-free shampoo, moisturizing spritz, and potent hair growth oil. One of Marini Naturals’ most popular products however, is a curling butter containing oils from avocado, strawberry and coconut as well as various butters like shea butter and mango butter.’ Source: CNN AFRICAN STARTUPS

Marini products
Marini products


She went to Loreto High School Limuru. Later, she studied at the University of Nairobi graduating with a bachelor of arts in design and communication and proceeded to Florence Design Academy in Italy.ntalami-florence

CEO and founder at Marini Naturals

-CEO and founder at Brandvine Group

So what does Michelle have to say?

Michelle Nkatha Ntalami stands out in the business world as a leader, who is extremely passionate about what she does. She practices resilience, tenacity and the belief that anyone who puts their heart and mind to what they set out to achieve; can most definitely reach and surpass the top.

Brand of the year; Afro hair awards
Brand of the year; Afro hair awards

Being passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, to chopping off her hair, to mixing products in her bathroom to eventually getting the products on shelves:-

Michelle and her business partner Niyati Patel are a clear example that passion is the one trait that separates the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

Michelle and Niyati
Michelle and Niyati

Marini Naturals was inspired by the need to live a healthier lifestyle. The desire and need to be more natural in everything led to the brand as it is now. The products started in Michelle’s bathroom, after which she tried it out with friends.  Despite having no experience and background in the hair industry; the two best friends and business partners have managed to put Marini on the radar, and keep it at the very top as Kenya’s leading Natural Hair Care Brand.

About The Team:-

‘The team a as a whole is really committed to the company, because we take the example of our management. They work the most in the company, and we are tasked to make sure we keep up with their lead; practicing and mirroring their values and work ethics. Aside from work, we are friends. We laugh with each other, we share in our personal highs and lows; and the management is keen to make check on us as individuals to make sure that we are well. We go out for bonding sessions too, where we familiarize with each other outside the work setup. We are a team, we work together, help each other out and so we come to work every day, confident and passionate about what we have to do. This way, the company grows and we grow too.’ – Anita (Marini Naturals)

Marini team during their first anniversary
Marini team during their first anniversary

Michelle’s Advice:

“The best gift you can give yourself is believing in yourself.”

“The only bad idea you have is the one you didn’t say.”

“The only time you fail is when you didn’t take the chance. “

“You are not doing the world any favors by being average. Go out there and be the best that you can be. Do not let your great ideas be just that. Nothing is stopping you from taking the first step.”

NB: Part of the  article was written by Anita of Marini Naturals and overseen by Michelle Ntalami

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