Marcus Muraa: Power player using social media for good

The emergence of the digital age has witnessed immense improvements including the rise of social media. This means that it is now easier to share information and even do online marketing. We have even seen charitable causes being run on social media especially when it comes to raising funds to cover medical expenses. The youthful generation has seen the use of hash tags and status updates. Virtual networks have been created through social media accounts and blogs. The term ‘influencer’ is no longer new on the block.

Marcus Muraa is a social media guru who has made a career out of using the facilities in the internet creatively. He emphasises on the importance of networking and understanding different audiences to pass messages such in corporate, entertainment and religious setups. His journey has been challenging but he believes that every experience has been key in shaping the person he has become today.


Human resource management is an area where Marcus acknowledges to have tickled his fancy in social media. He would always take charge of accounts wherever he worked until he realised he could actually make a career out of that. ‘Social media is more than just pushing hash tags and posting events. There is online brand management where you handle the social media account of a celebrity. I have worked for NTV, Bountiful Safaris, Jeff Koinange Live, Dj Mo and System Units, Size 8, Safaricom Blaze among others,’ he explains.

There is power in numbers so it is important to exploit this very carefully. This has changed majorly in the last few years. He states that when he began, he had people he looked up to based on the work they were doing online including Xtiandela who explained to him the Dos and Don’ts of social media. It is important to maintain a brand that is credible. For a corporate to take you in, there is a certain image you must maintain. This means that your work must be trusted and you shouldn’t use your influence to defame people.

One of the ways of maintaining your brand on social media is being careful about the people you follow and allow on your timeline. It is very easy for people to misunderstand you if you follow the wrong audience for example those who post nude pictures on social media. Companies tend to Google your profile before they hire you.


‘I am using social media to show people that you can make a living out of it, whether or not you have a degree. I use it to inspire and mentor other people and look forward to going back to university in the near future. I also want the youth to access credible and useful information such as networking opportunities,’ he points out.

Marcus states that every company has its own targets, reach and audience. Therefore, the style of replying to messages is very different depending on the people behind the account. The key is to ensure that the brand is still visible and professional. ‘Every potter has his own style of making pots,’ he says. It is important to keep the connections that you make because every connection exposes you to a different audience.

‘Understanding different roles is one thing that shouldn’t be taken for granted. You must sell what you can do such that even if you are the C.E.O. you can take over the work even when your employees are not there. It is good to know everything in bits. This gives your agency or company an upper hand in terms of business,’ he advices.


Marcus believes that his future is bright and is happy that he has been able to come this far despite his challenges growing up. He believes that he can do better and is striving to attend that. ‘Watch this space and see,’ he laughs.


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