Princess Bola Adelani: ‘The Call to Destiny Summit in Nairobi.’

Born into a royal family in Lagos, Nigeria, Princess Bola Adelani knew from the moment she was young that she had the capability of touching lives. She studied law at the University of Buckingham, a decision that was greatly influenced by her mother who wanted her to study what was believed to be one of the best courses at the university during her time. After her studies, she started working in the civil service as a rents officer before returning to Nigeria where she did her bar exams and continued with her legal career. After eight years of working as the head of corporate office for a financial services firm, she immigrated to the United States of America.

‘Losing my mother at the age of 18 years was heartbreaking. This is when I needed her most meaning that it left a big void. This is what informed my motivation for young people. I also lost two babies, one died in the womb and the other died at birth. Purpose is derived from pain. I also had challenges when I migrated to America. Navigating through a new culture and settling down is hard. However, my faith made me strong and my loss gave me the chance to know God. Faith keeps me hopeful,’ she reflects.

Credit: Princess Bola

Princess Bola attributes her confidence, comprehensive presentation of points and public speaking skills to her legal training. Currently, she is a success coach and motivational and corporate speaker. After being employed for many years, she prayed and asked God what he wanted to do in her life. That is how she switched her career from law because he told her to use her gifting. She is a natural speaker who loves to encourage people and people often say that she is wiser than her years.

She used her gift to start Royal Proclamations which she uses to train, coach, speak and consult with corporates and impact knowledge to people. She has been to various parts of the world including England, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and America and will be touring Kenya soon.

Credit; Princess Bola
With copies of her book which will be available at the summit

She will host the Call to Destiny Summit, a faith based marketplace impact maximization training seminar, in Nairobi, Kenya at the All Saints Cathedral on 11th November 2017. Her hope is to see many people in the country being impacted by her work.  The general entry fee is 55 dollars and the V.I.P. fee is 75 dollars. This can be translated to about 5500 and 7500 Kenya shillings only. The Call to Destiny Summit, which is under the Rise Africa Initiative/Tour, will bring a revolution in East Africa. This summit equips believers with skills and tools which will be eventually used to impact other people. Further, they are able to understand their destiny which transforms them to globally recognised change agents. She says that sometimes she chooses the countries she wants to go to and sometimes she is led by God when she is invited.

Credit: Meek Media
With participants of the summit in Johannesburg

The Rise Africa Initiative focuses on the African continent and people. It stands for retelling our story, inspiring transformation, showcasing brilliance and empowering people. She believes that Africa is the next frontier so she would like to renew the mindsets of the people. She will be touring various regions including Kenya in East Africa, South Africa in Southern Africa, Egypt in Northern Africa and Nigeria in West Africa. Time mastering, networking, leadership, financial success; dream realisation, marketing, communication and relationship building are some of the modules she uses in her training.

Credit: Princess Bola

I am happy to see my work changing lives. I have seen people come out of their fears to pursue their entrepreneurial career while others discover their passion and purpose. There was a lady who went through my programme and was struggling to grow her business. Once she was through, she gained clarity. She then became a certified money power coach,’ Princess Bola reminisces.

Young people should be impacted when they are still young. It is important to give them opportunities to use their gifts. The best form of education is the one which is practised. I usually hold events for children who are between 14 and 19 years. I give them opportunities to MC, run and dance. This allows them to grow as all rounded individuals. My work with the youth is inspired by the fact that I have two sons who are 18 and 17 years old,’ she asserts.

‘It is Africa’s time to rise. People should be intentional about developing themselves so that they can compete at a global level. This summit is coming from an African who has had a lot of exposure to world class skills and education. I would therefore like to use this to develop them for the economic shift. I would also like to empower young people to attend the summit. I would like to give them entry at a discounted price. I urge young people to write an email to me telling stating why they deserve the opportunity. I surely look forward to seeing many people there who are ready to learn,’ concludes Princess Bola.







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