Tracy Lumbasi|Restoring mental health

Global outlook

The World Health Organization estimates that close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year. Young people who attempt suicide are often branded as attention seekers, immature or confused. Noting that people who commit suicide often do not show any signs, we can make a lasting impact on young people. Kindness is the genesis of the solution.

Personal experience

”Mental health is important for everybody and is at the core of who are as human beings. Having been forced to adult early in life, I’m confident that mental health awareness should be a priority and needs to be a norm,” Tracy recounts

Believe Mental Health Care Organization

Tracy started the B.M.H.C organization to better mental health care and empowerment in society. ”We are trying to address the stigma and culture of silence around mental health illness and socio-cultural factors involved. For this reason, creating safe spaces and opportunities for people to provide help will reduce suicide ideations and attempts,” says Tracy.

Cynthia Untamed

The organization is now fundraising to train 500 mothers on children’s mental health in Kenya. ”We are formulating curative, relatable exercises and training plans that are applicable in Africa. This is what makes us unique. Moreover, we research and consult people on ways they think is best for their development,” she expounds.

”When implemented, the project will have great long-term benefits including:

  • Increased sense of well-being in children and reduced negative effects of the conflict that can lead to mental health illness
  • Reduction in child behavioral problems
  • Increased stability and child attachment
  • Recognition of children in need of formal diagnosis and treatment
  • Improved physical health
  • Enhanced productivity,” Tracy emphasizes.
Cynthia Untamed
A mother and her child
Image/Lumbasi. T

”Tracy’s expertise and enthusiasm have been very influential in empowering women and young girls through education programs. To illustrate, her commitment and understanding of the complex mental health issues that affect the vulnerable group in the society have resulted in impacting lives at the community level,” her friend Opare, a medical psychology senior student notes.


”Implementing my plans, exercises, workshops and training fulfill me. I am proud of a workshop my team and I conducted on self-awareness, financial literacy and women’s rights. The most compelling evidence was the lively engagement and interaction of the participants. Consequently, I deeply felt I had done something that was necessary,” Tracy sums up.

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