Joana Wosgrau| Opportunity Desk Impact Challenge Winner

Cynthia UNTAMED is a proud partner of the Opportunity Desk Impact Challenge 2021. Many young people struggle to find resources where they can access scholarships, internships, jobs, grants, travel opportunities and so much more. However, Opportunity Desk is bridging that gap. This is a website that gathers different opportunities for young people across the world in one space.

For years, the knowledge website has opened many doors for young people across the world. Cynthia UNTAMED and Opportunity Desk believe that young people need a space to express themselves and thrive. Through the impact challenge, young people aged 18-30 across the world share what they do and how opportunity desk has developed their skillset and access to opportunities.

Despite stiff competition, Joanna Wosgrau from Brazil emerged as the People’s Choice Winner.  She is a social entrepreneur and the co-founder of Casa Origem. This is a zero-waste chain restaurant in Brazil that serves food with less environmental impact and more social impact. They serve a plant-based and organic menu and always package with reusable materials. Their work is supported by three pillars: sustainability, localism and network.

Compost bin

Learn more about Joanna and her business here:

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